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Marvel: Rogue and Logan by KAMlxSAMA
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Rogue and Wolverine X-men DOFP by joseelizondo
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A hug, a handshake, a kiss by BloodyDeath11
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Feeling Lucky, Sugah? by romero1718
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Rogue Wolf by artist-of-obscurity
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Anonymous asked:
"Hi! So apart from the oh-my-gosh-what-a-great-blog-rant I could do, which is the X-Men cartoon you posted a picture of recently above one of XMen Evolution? Where Rogue's hair is somewhat translucent? (Also today I was lucky enough to meet a voice actor for Wolverine, Steve Blum, and he is super nice and if it's wanted I can probably scan the picture of Wolverine he signed for me. )"

I’m ignoring that first part because omg so nice i don’t know how to respond Hiiii :)

That first picture was from Wolverine and the X-Men which was sadly short lived but gave us some amazing gems like that hug, as well as this:

and this

and some of this

(ohh so angsty) and there’s always this

(look at his arm around her so cute) and all sorts of other great rogan moments. Bonus giffed hug:

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Anonymous asked:
"Whats your fav cartoon Wolverine/Rogue? Mine is X-men evolution."


Because on the one hand you have this:

(omg look at these assholes he’s so surprised but you know he’s all about it) but then you also have this:

(ugh, i’m not even talking about this) And then you also have X-Men the Animated Series which I grew up on and where I fell in love with them in the first place.


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"I was wondering if they ever got together in the comics and if so which ones?"

They never truly get together in the comics, but they flirt with it a few times. The most memorable is X-Men #169 where they do a little bit of this:

The other time they really show something beyond deep friendship is in Ultimate X-Men/Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #3 (i think? someone correct me if I’m wrong). It’s a weird little story but it gives us this

so it’s a good one, imo.

Other than that, there’s a lot of UST going on with no resolution. I still hold out hope that someday they’ll go there. There’s enough fans out there clamoring for it!

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"I`m hoping you can help me find a fic I have been driving my self crazy over looking for it. Its all about how Logan thinks they are dating but taking it slow and Marie had no freaking clue they are dating at all! She still thinks Logan is into Jean. And I remember they get kidnapped by Magneto, who had built a room where Marie would be powerless. Please help. Thanks."

It sounds so familiar, and now it’s going to drive me nuts too, lol. Followers, does anyone know this fic and where to find it?

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Anonymous asked:
"Hi! Loving your blog!! <3 There's actually a short Logan/Rogue scene where he seems to be helping her out in the trailer, but I can't find a gif of it anywhere :("

Thank you!

I haven’t seen this! I went back and watched the trailer and didn’t pick up on it, but maybe I’m just blind. Can anyone else confirm this for us?

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